Welcome on YouLyrics!

YouLyrics is a multilingual lyrics site. It is also good for music fans and
language learners. more...

We are working to make YouLyrics better. Some of the new features are under testing. If they are found good we will publish them.

The features and planned features:
  • Multilingual user interface ready
  • We have a big collection of Artists, Albums and Lyrics ready
  • Login with OpenID, Google and Yahoo ready (not enabled yet)
  • Automatic language detection and album image search ready
  • Automatic YouTube video search ready
  • Playlist and music player ready
  • Easy to add new languages by the community (online language editor) sandclock
  • Easy to add new data by anyone sandclock
  • Modifiable lyrics text by the community (versioned -> WIKI style) sandclock
  • Translate lyrics by anybody to any language sandclock
  • Voting system (lyrics, artists, translates...) sandclock
  • Forum and guestbook plan
  • Plugin for some popular music players plan
  • Send postcards to your friend with your favourite lyrics plan